Company Information

KOMPONENTUM is a brand that brings together manufacturers, traders, and installers of ventilation systems and their components.

We have united with a common goal - to produce high-quality components for residential ventilation systems at a competitive price and supply them to the market, thereby facilitating the work of installers and ensuring a good result for the end user. We strive for this by continuously improving our manufacturing processes and maintaining direct communication with installers and traders. Some value the quality and functionality of the components, while others help achieve the best possible price while maintaining quality.

Our Mission

To manufacture and supply high-quality ventilation systems components at a competitive price, aiming to facilitate the work of installers and ensure the best outcomes for users. Our mission is to continuously improve manufacturing processes and collaborate closely with installers and distributors to ensure the satisfaction of customer needs and expectations and long-term success.

Our Values

  • Quality: PCommitment to manufacturing high-quality ventilation systems components.
  • Innovation: Continuous improvement and implementation of new technologies to achieve the best possible solutions.
  • Trust: Ensuring that customers can trust in the products and services.
  • Partnership:: Collaboration with manufacturers, distributors, and installers to achieve common goals.
  • Service Excellence: Providing high-quality customer service and support.

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The KOMPONENTUM brand has brought together representatives of manufacturing, trading, and installation companies to work together.

We have gathered with one goal in mind - to manufacture and supply high-quality components for residential ventilation systems. This decision was prompted by the lack of quality ventilation system elements in the market. Our aim is for both the user and the installer to enjoy these products. Continuous improvement of production processes and ongoing communication with installers and traders of these components allow us to create better products and maintain a competitive price in the market.