The universal air distribution box was created to make a premium quality product accessible to everyone.

The collector is conveniently and quickly installed and has four mounting points that can be adjusted to the angle that is convenient for you. The interior is covered with an anti-condensation material that prevents condensation formation and ensures tightness

Previously, it was necessary to consider which collector to procure: with 5, 6, 8, or 10 flanges, but with this collector, you can prepare for as many flanges as you need - 5, 7, 9, or 11. You can connect a maximum of 12 flanges.

  • It is designed to distribute airflow through ducts to the preferred rooms
  • Suitable for connecting flexible ducts with a diameter of DN75 mm
  • Universal - can be used with as many flanges as needed. You can connect a maximum of 12 flanges
  • Double fixation system - "click" and plastic fixator. Strong flange fixation with the collector's body
  • Convenient fastening with 4 attachment points that can be adjusted to your preferred angle, avoiding obstacles such as cables. The elongated oval mounting hole allows maneuvering with the attachment points
  • The inside of the air distribution box is covered with anti-condensation insulation, which not only protects against possible condensation but also ensures the tightness of the entire box
  • Very compact, takes up little space. Convenient transportation - when the connecting branches are folded inside, it takes up about 2-3 times less space compared to conventional collectors