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Components for residential buildings

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We have gathered ourselves for one purpose - to manufacture and supply high-quality components for ventilation systems for residential buildings. The decision was prompted by the lack of quality ventilation system components in the market. We aim for both the consumer and the installer to enjoy these products. Continuous improvement of production processes, seamless communication with the installers and traders of these components allows us to create better and better products and maintain a competitive price in the market.

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The brand name KOMPONENTUM has brought together representatives of manufacturing, trading and installation companies to work together.

Our products

Ventilation components for residential buildings

By manufacturing our products, we aim for them to perform their function properly, be convenient to install and maintain a competitive price.

How we operate

We supply component production only through our trading partners, whom you can find in our contact section



We manufacture the products, perform quality control, package them, and label them..



We supply the products to our sales representatives who distribute them to our trading partners.



The products are distributed through retail networks, online stores, and installation companies. To find out where you can purchase our products, please contact our regional representatives.

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