The antistatic diffuser box DN125-2x75 was created with the aim of making a premium quality product accessible to everyone.

This diffuser box is conveniently and quickly installed and has excellent aerodynamic properties. It is made of a material with antistatic properties, therefore dust does not settle on the walls of the box.

The box inlet has "click" fixings that fix the duct and prevent it from easily slipping out. These fixings are suitable for ducts from various manufacturers. In case the duct is not securely fixed, you can use an additional method of fastening the duct with a plastic fixators.

  • Designed for air supply and removal from premises
  • Suitable for connecting DN75 mm diameter flexible ducts
  • Can be installed under the ceiling, above the ceiling, and on the wall
  • Double fixing system
  • Convenient mounting - it has 4 attachment points
  • Has antistatic properties
  • Has mounting template for precise and fast installation
  • Includes a cardboard blind DN125 to prevent dust from entering during construction
  • Odorless, does not release volatile substances into the air